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Project Overview
Medpak Solutions, Cosmetic Manufacturing, USA
Medpak Solutions is a newly bought company doing business as Biddiscombe International with a long history in developing and manufacturing skin care products. They are also certified by Organic Certifiers of Ventura CA as an organic manufacturing facility under the National Organic Program. And are the only formulator of spray tan solutions certified under the prestigious ECOCERT organic standard.

As a skincare enthusiast myself, this project caught my attention with all the potential for user and market research I could do for my client. And also the urge to help them create an online presence that is fresh, clear, clean, minimalistic and user-friendly.
Problem Statement
Starting from zero means focusing on your brand awareness and online presence to build trust and show off your portfolio. This means a website is the first place users review their potential service providers or partners. For Medpak Solutions, the problem was the multiple websites under the same business name, which didn't provide a clear picture of what Medpak Solutions is.
The Goal
The goal of the collaboration was to create a strategic website where future partners of Medpak Solutions can effortlessly review their services and certifications and contact them directly for partnership. Clear messaging and conversion were the main two priorities.
Website icon menu of an American bar
Few of the  homepage  versions after multiple iterations.
The users of Medpak Solutions are B2B and B2C businesses looking for an all-around solution for launching their private cosmetics labels.

As their dedicated web designer, I was in charge of the fresh new version of their website based on a requirement document and overall impression of my client after one discovery call. Our collaboration was very organised, smooth and easy, especially after we set the main direction of the homepage design.

The remote location is a blessing of freelancing, and the time zone was one of the constraints during the implementation of this project, as well as the reiteration of content and copy while designing the web pages. Thanks to our fast and transparent communication, all changes were implemented in the negotiated timeline.

As with any project, I like to start with a discovery call and understanding the business objectives. To get to know my collaborators, their business, goals and aspirations. Following this comes questioning the requirement and analysing the market, product or service and competitors. While still polishing the requirements and drafting an offer, I already had a vague vision or direction I would like to try and test with my client as version zero.

Accessing the website allowed me to evaluate the current state and scan the website for opportunities from which the user and the business might benefit. After refining the details of the desired layout for the homepage and other pages, the content started to shape the overall look and feel of the website. Simultaneously SEO optimisation was remarkably successful since it got the impressive result on Google search and its organic matches on the first page.
Users & Audience
Roles & Responsibilities
Scope & Constraints
Wix website icon demo menu with handrawn illustrations for buttons
The final version of the homepage.
Cringe Social icon menu mock up of the desktop and mobile version of the website
Responsive across devices.
Outcomes & Results
Three months after the launch, I got the best follow-up! My client happily shared their outstanding conversion rate of getting three new B2B clients immediately after the launch. 🎉This collaboration taught me that finding your type of client can make your work seem like a play, fun, exciting and very rewarding. A positive feedback I got from my client was the appreciation of video calls now and then when needed.

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