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I'm Nikoleta Angelova

I’m a web and UX/UI designer based in Zagreb, Croatia. I’m originally from Bulgaria and will forever talk about the superiority of Bulgarian yogurt and white cheese. I like to build websites with no-code platforms, deep dive into messy research, and search for creative ways to create solutions.

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My Career so far

As a generalist, I can summarise it as a little bit of everything. While I was still a student, I worked as a Sales assistant in the Retail industry (Sports equipment) while practising my Translation and Interpretation skills (English and Bulgarian) with ex-pats from England and other countries. Later, when I started working in the tech industry, I realised I must stay connected to the users and be in their service through user experience. Nowadays, I am living in Croatia and enjoying the freedom and flexibility of being a freelancer.

Web Design
No-code website development
UX Design

How the puzzle pieces started to fit

Since then (my university years), I learned that I am not pursuing a programming career, although the satisfaction of creating something from scratch is incredible. But even after my bachelor's degree, I still did not know where exactly in the IT (Information technology) world appropriately fit.

Then I enrolled for a master's degree in Mobile and Web technologies, and I quickly realised that I am gravitating more toward Front-end development (the visuals and user interface). But one day, something even more amazing happened - I discovered User experience (UX) and how it affects the customer experience (CX).

Two years ago (when the whole fiasco started in January 2020), I came to Croatia officially because of work, not for a student exchange as before (2016). Well, that lasted for almost two years in the position of a Pre-sales assistant in a small company for software solutions and services, when I learned that the regular work from 9 to 5 is not really for me, especially when I am not doing anything creative or visibly impactful.

After graduating and finding a job in Zagreb, I was still doing Translation - between Project managers and Programmers. One side speaks the language of technology, and the other the language of sales and business. Thankfully, I am fluent in both and constantly willing to learn more.

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