Pineapple Women

Web development & User experience (UX) design
Project Overview
Pineapple Women INC., Nonprofit registed in US
This is Pineapple Women: “We empower young women through mentoring and resources. To build their self-esteem and recognize their value. We nurture dreams and cultivate talents in preparation for a bright future.” This same message stood out when I read their Wix community post and decided to reach out. We got on a short discovery call, went over their pitch deck, sitemap and vision for the website and started working on it.
Problem Statement
Currently, we are seeking volunteers to assist in creating our website using Wix Studio. As the founder of this nonprofit, I have a solid understanding of Wix Studio and have participated in Wix workshops. However, as the nonprofit progresses, I find myself being pulled in different directions, and therefore, I have not been able to transition from Editor X to Wix Studio efficiently.” This is where my expertise in Wix Studio came to save time and effort for the nonprofit team. We also had to tackle the issues around the bilingual versions of the website.
The Goal
Along with having a user-friendly and visually appealing website, the main goal was to effectively communicate their mission, programs, story, and impact. With the approaching summer program, the website needed to be ready by a tight deadline and application to be open.
A desktop mockup of pineapple women website and how it looked before in editor x by Wix
How the homepage looked like in Editor X before the redesign.
Users & Audience
Roles & Responsibilities
Scope & Constraints
Pineapple Women's users are mostly Latina youth as applicants and direct beneficiaries of the non-profit's efforts to help them recognise the value in their skills, break barriers, and overcome stereotypes, enabling them to become future role models. The other side of their audience is those users who want to support PAW actions, by becoming volunteers, sponsors or partners.

My role was a no-code web developer and UX designer since I strive to have my process founded on UX and web design practices while translating the business's goals. Collaborating with PAW's founder and vice president, we delegated our responsibilities and tasks pretty seamlessly, with asynchronous communication, a commenting feature in Wix Studio and only one discovery call. After PAW website owners had created the previous version of the website, we quickly agreed that I would take on the responsibility of the design, layout and part of the content (in English). At the same time, they focus on the implementation of the Spanish translation and utilising their application forms layout.

As in most case scenarios this time the deadline was one of the most pressing constraints. But thanks to a good and detailed overview of the sitemap and a detailed onboarding on Pineapple Women and giving me access to their pitch deck, the process was smooth as butter. 🧈 The scope was also apparent. Pineapple Women needed my help launching their five pages and following a design direction with the new typography and colour scheme where they could easily scale.

My process started with a brief overview and desk research of all provided resources (pitch deck, previous style guide and inspirational websites). Since the time wasn't on our side, luckily having the detailed and negotiated sitemap provided I immediately started crafting the first version of the homepage. Progressively section by section after I received the first round of feedback I started troubleshooting and implementing those same changes.

Example: Midway through our collaboration while I was working on one of the other pages (About Us or Join Us), we encountered an issue with the Wix Studio hamburger menu. The font couldn't be increased and the menu couldn't be opened or edited in the editor. So I opted for the more accessible option of having the menu show Home and More menu links with an option to view the other pages in a seamless dropdown.

Another interesting encounter was the Wix Multilingual app that needed to be removed and reinstalled after some site language settings were adjusted.

At the end of the process with the agreement of the founder, I published the website which is pretty much an ongoing work in progress and edited selective parts of the design (footer, white space between certain sections etc).
Wix website icon demo menu with handrawn illustrations for buttons
After the negotiated sitemap structure, the homepage and strategy behind the new layout.
Cringe Social icon menu mock up of the desktop and mobile version of the website
Moodboard of what I had in mind after our discovery call and how I saw Pineapple Women in terms of imagery, colours, fonts and elements.
Outcomes & Results
The website is live and running! 🥳🍍 Pineapple Women are happy and thriving while promoting their summer program. As with all my clients, if there is a need for assistance or further improvement for their digital products, I am here. If you are curious, check their website here.

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