Are You Scared About Your Future As A Designer?

February 13, 2023

Layoffs, AI, and machine learning replace humans, influencers and the saturated content creation market, inflation, NFTs and crypto. So many things happened in the past couple of years.

There always will be work. If you are willing to do it that is. If you think about it, you can reshape and change your job description and domain if you are a freelancer, or you can do a career change by applying for a different type of job. You can take 6 months off (if you have savings to support yourself) and learn a new skill that will give you a significant advantage on the market combined with the skills you already have. Self-taught professionals are as good as those having degrees and certificates.

There are still niche segments of IT where creativity and human touch are needed.

You can also do a complete shift and do something manual like gardening or cleaning and organising houses and closets because you have that energy and little OCD tendencies (like me heh). You can work with your hands, legs, mind, voice and anything you can think of. No dirty thoughts here! But if you are confident enough you can do this kind of work as well, as long as is your own choice, it's alright.

Macbook Pro laptop closing halfway in a dark background.
How fast will AI learn and to what extent. Photo by Viktor Yevenko on Unsplash

You probably think how can I earn more by changing jobs and fields from creative to manual or any other? Well by connecting the dots, by easily solving problems, someone hasn't thought of before, by trying and failing. By learning once again.

Having a clear perspective on what your skills are or even having the bravery to explore them, use them or enhance them will help you get the job you want. Getting to truly know yourself is probably the best thing you can do and invest towards. So my answer is no, I am not scared. I can do manual labour as well as think of great strategies for your mobile app information architecture and website's user experience.

Also, an important part of such a transition here is what type of mindset you have. Are you believing in abundance or are you still struggling with a scarcity mindset?

In one of my alternative life scenarios, I am living in different coastal cities as a volunteer with one suitcase and a dog. Doing work that has immediate ROI (return on investment) because I can see my efforts being appreciated and needed in real-time. In exchange, I get a daily wage, housing and free time during the week and weekends to explore, participate in tours and sightseeing, meet new people and make memories. Yes, that is one of the alternative realities I see myself in, if I decide to close the laptop.

What is your alternative life you imagine? What kind of scripts are you writing before you go to sleep? It can't be just me haha.

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