👋🏽Bye-bye, 2023 and Welcome 2024! Business Recap & Goal Setting

December 27, 2023

What a year! From a freelancer to a business owner, from a content creator to a podcast host, from an all-time learner to a tutor and having students, from advising UX designers to giving expert insight consultations.

First, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😊🎁✨ I hope all of your dreams (be bold this year!) come true! I also wish you to meet wonderful people who will support and celebrate your wins, achieve all of your personal and business goals, and last but not least, be healthy, safe and happy!

Let’s get started 2024! — Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

I created a post on my Instagram making a note of what has happened during the last year, and oh my, the lists were quite long. It took me around two and a half hours to summarise and recall all that has happened during the year. And I didn’t even check the journal. Maybe I should have! 🤔

The biggest highlights of my year would be:

  • Opening of my company AND
  • My business plan was approved by the Croatian Employment Center and received a financial grant for beginning entrepreneurs (all those entrepreneurship classes in high school finally became useful 😁)
  • Completed Google’s UX Design Course
  • Getting back on Upwork and finding interesting projects as a Design Advisor and Trainer
  • Having my first local networking, local (Croatian) e-commerce collaboration on a UX design project
  • Starting the interview episodes for the Curious Business Talks podcast
  • Launching the Work In Progress podcast and reaching 275 downloads (RSS feed)
  • Joined a no-code Floxies community

The full, detailed list of the achievements recap is here. 😊

Now that I have seen the proof of my hard work, it is time to adjust the bar for the upcoming year and the tone by planning accordingly. For the upcoming year, I am planning to reserve one day during this week, probably Friday, and sit down and start outlining my yearly and quarterly goals for my business and personal life.

For this purpose will have my journal with me to check the prompts for inspiration, get the new planner and on one A4 paper lay out all the spectrums that the goals need to get more specific and detailed to take intentional actions. Like this:

Goal setting planners
Personal and business yearly goals setting segments — Design by the author.

You can download the templates here. If you feel like you want to be even more intentional with your planning, then take a look at my Digital Minimalistic Planner for 2024. Check this link.

Do you plan your year? What works for you? How do you keep track of your progress? Share your goals for 2024 with me! 😊


Thank you for reading until the end, and hi from Zagreb, Croatia! ☀️

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