Can You Even Design Website Without UX in Mind?

March 18, 2024

I was thinking about how I haven’t posted any mockups recently and thought to myself: it’s time to dust off the passion projects…

This sounded pretty easy in theory, but then I realised something. I have a hard time creating visuals without tying them to a business that needs help with solving a real problem and focusing on one or a couple of business objectives. Not to even mention the struggle to imagine what the users might need.

So I decided to start super small. Recently a new specialty coffee shop opened in Zagreb and I liked the warm branding and decided to also try a specialty coffee for the first time. What could be so special right? 😅 Well now that I have tried their Americano I can say that there is a noticeable difference and it's my favourite Americano I have ever tried.

What is considered speciality coffee?

According to SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) definitions, speciality coffee “refers to the highest quality green coffee beans roasted to their greatest flavour potential by true craftspeople and then properly brewed to well-established SCAA developed standards.”

I couldn’t help but notice that they and many other speciality coffee shops in Zagreb don’t have a website. So I was inspired to start creating a simple one-pager for their business but making it purely informative. Since I also wanted to try out Relume, I used it for generating the sitemap and checking their wireframe suggestion generated with the help of AI.

A great tool to help you generate ideas and help you start with ideation.

For this passion project, I did very minimal desk research by checking other speciality coffee shops in Zagreb and that’s how I found out that most of them do not have websites.

If you visit and you want to visit a couple here is a short list:

And current version of the website homepage transferred to Webflow thanks to the Figma to Webflow plugin looks like this.


Thank you for reading!

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