Empowering Solopreneurs: Work In Progress Podcast for Survival and Growth

July 3, 2023

I and my friend-collegue Kat had a long 2-hour coffee once and came to the epiphany that both of us wanted to start a podcast. And so it began…

The journey of creating Work In Progress — The Podcast For Surviving Solopreneurs. I think it was 21 June 2022 (at least my Google calendar event named Coffee Chat with Kat says so 😁) when we first got on a call to finally meet each other. I also believe it lasted more than 2 hours than the intended 1 hour. We talked about everything and anything, from where we are, how long we are freelancing, what we like to do and what inspires us.

One thing led to another and we stayed in touch via Instagram. I know, a very odd platform to form such a special connection, but it happened, we found each other there! And here I thank the algorithm(s) for connecting us.

Work in progress — podcast cover with Nikoleta and Kat, web designers and solopreneurs
Here we are! The podcast for surviving solopreneurs — Work In Progress

So my first impression about Kat was: Wow, she has such a different type of content, I want to learn more from her! For me every post she made had a twist and different perspective I haven’t encountered before, and that fascinated me. We started also to give each other cheering comments, and supportive feedback, and share similar struggles around content creation and back then the annoying editing and publishing of Reels on Instagram. Until one day Kat said:

Let’s make an Instagram live together on the topic Beyond Aesthetics and the 2 common misconceptions about web designers.

I instantly agreed and then we made this funny reel. Then the ideas in my mind started rolling. It was winter, and I spend more and more time at home but I wanted to talk and talk with someone on the topics that were roaming my mind. Then I decided I will create a YouTube playlist as a podcast. Little did I know, YouTube rolled out podcast playlists as a new feature simultaneously as I started posting. Was it coincidence or manifestation I don’t know.

Of course, after that, I shared with Kat the idea and she said: Actually, I have it on my goals for this year to start a podcast! 💡Blink! The light switched on! We probably said it simultaneously at this point:

Do you want to start a podcast TOGETHER? 😂 Yes!!

An explosion of enthusiasm, laughter and excitement filled the virtual we shared room. And this is how it started guys! We opened Figma and FigJam and started brainstorming. Discussed multiple topics we are interested in, exchanged impressions on the current podcast we listened to, and the style we see each other in.

Coming up with the name was so easy. Because one of the most common topics we picked our brains was imposter syndrome and our mutual lifting up that we are doing better than yesterday and last year, and that is progress! And slowly but surely our idea got a more defined shape and feeling.

So make sure you stay tuned for all the interesting episodes that are about to be published very soon! 👀Make sure to follow and subscribe to our accounts here.

UPDATE: Episodes with video watch here on YouTube. If you want to choose your platform check our RSS feed.

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