How And When Did I Start Writing

December 26, 2022

It all started after one birthday gift as a little teenage girl.

I can't remember how old I was when I got my first journal (probably in my early teens) which had a soft pink cover and a cute little lock. Yeah, I know, very cheesy and girly, but it was a present, and I loved it nonetheless. The design was quite cute, and I was even more special with that lock because I was living in a two-story house with my family of two brothers and cousins.

As a middle child, I was growing up on my own and taking care of my little brother, so whenever I had time to be outside and create memories, I would write them down in that diary. The reason was that in the village I grew up I didn�t have many female friends I could share my experiences with. And that was all great until my little brother destroyed my diary thinking it had some secrets in it haha. Yes, because of that little lock as a design decision, his curiosity got the best of him. You can imagine my disappointment when I saw the destroyed diary. And we probably did some sibling wrestling because of that after I found out.

Almost as cute as this one!? - Source: Pinterest

Soon after, I found a simple notebook that I would decorate and create another diary where I would share my thoughts and memories. Still have some of the pages, I think until this day. But where my storytelling and writing improved was in primary and mostly high school. I remember everyone reacting with disappointment when we had to write essays about a literature piece or psychology topics. I loved those assignments the most. My interest increased every time I got more and more notes on my essay with the grade and comments from the teachers. I just loved it! Someone reading your thoughts and giving you attention and feedback, that feeling was so amazing.

That same feeling kept me going when I decided to write here and there for some small contests and games. I don't journal regularly now, not descriptively at least. I do micro-journaling, where I write my daily highlights on a piece of paper and put them in a recycled jar or strawberry jam. But I do love to open old journals and read how Nikoleta from 2013 was thinking and see what was bothering or exciting her back then.

When I say: I do appreciate your comments and feedback, I mean it. Writing is just another form of journaling if there is no genuine feedback on the other side to give me a signal that I have reached someone on the other side.

And here is the reason behind the motivation for my writing and posting on Medium. The interface makes it very easy and inviting to only write and read. An environment where you can open the editor and start writing your stories. Also, read and learn about other people's experiences and stories.

Thank you for reading! Subscribe for more interesting articles. Have a great week and upcoming holidays! 🤶🏽

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