Hyper-independence - A Problem We Haven't Considered

November 20, 2023

If this is the first time you hear this term, welcome to the club! I only heard about it a few weeks before the recording of one of the most interesting podcast episodes I have been part of. The link is available lower in the story 😉

But what is the difference between being independent and hyper-independent?

While some people are inherently more independent than others, the self-reliance that hyper-independent people exhibit is extreme. Because their core needs were typically not met as children, they’ve come to believe they can depend only on themselves. — newportinstitute.com
Climbing hills alone is great, but not as fulfilling as sharing the joys with others. - Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash

Thanks to Mauro Semedo we had the chance to get closer to the topic during the recording of our Work In Progress podcast episode and explore the topic of hyper-independence.

After some reflection, a hyper-independent person wouldn’t even consider asking for help even when he needs it the most.

Hyper-independence is a stress response that causes people to feel they must make decisions and accomplish things without the support of others.
Some signs of hyper-independence are difficulty trusting others, delegating to others, and forming close or long-term relationships with others.
Hyper-independence is not a mental health condition, but it is a stress response triggered most often by childhood trauma.

If you are curious about where are you on the hyper-independence scale I found a fun quiz.

To wrap up this story I kindly ask you to check the episode I and Kat Irwin Design created for our podcast with our first special guest Mauro Semedo. In the episode, you will witness quite interesting, deeply personal and eye-opening stories shared from our guest’s perspective. I personally invite you to join our now small podcast community and share your stories, and opinions in the comment section. If YOU also have a topic you want to develop into an episode, feel free to reach out to us via our email.

And now enjoy the episode below 😊👇🏽


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Thank you for reading until the end, and hi from Zagreb, Croatia! ☁️

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