Implementing User Experience In Big And Small Business Projects

January 9, 2023

Who says User experience is only for big companies? You, the business owner, can implement a good user experience for your customers, clients and users. Here is how.

First, you need to be willing to learn and collaborate, quite an essential prerequisite to getting maximum value from such a process. It is a never-ending process, yes. You need to be willing to learn the terms and best practices so all the jargon can make sense to you. Also, collaborating with your team members like developers, designers, marketing and customer service professionals, and others is essential to create a holistic and amazing user experience. Everyone should know where you as a business are headed and what you are trying to give to your users.

Smiling female designer in a white shirt at a co-working coffee shop, holding an Apple Pencil and an iPad.
Thinking about all the future and amazing collaborations and project that are ahead!

Second, you should know who your users are, at least analytically. Differentiating your business goals from those of the users is where the magic happens. Third, brace yourself with patience, because good things take time. Be open to asking questions and clarifications to remove any mystery that later might become a worry. Forth remember to have fun along the way and to remember that nothing is set in stone, there is always another iteration or version that can be made.

People ignore design that ignores people. - Frank Chimero, Designer

As a freelancer, I have taken on a mission to help small and ambitious business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups improve their online presence and overall user experience with a focus on the user's or audience's needs. While doing website redesigns, I considered: what will happen if I implement those great User Experience methodologies even to the most simple project, for example, a one-page website? It will make a difference between the other generic websites and those that "speak in a different language", and that's why I decided to help my clients develop great no-code websites and start their journey on the path to a great User Experience.

The first "Aha!" moment I had approximately two years ago was when I gave descriptive feedback on a User Interface (UI) design to a freelancer colleague in an improvement group. Then I continued to share my honest opinion and advice on the improvement of designs in the User Experience area while thinking: If I gave such valuable design advice to a colleague, how valuable and beneficial would that be for a business owner who even implements it and tests it?

And so it began. The journey to improve the user experience from small existing websites, redesigns, and building new websites and brand identities, to startups and their mobile apps, towards medium and big websites and e-commerce businesses.

If you are interested in collaborating with me, feel free to check my portfolio (that needs updating, haha) and reach out via email.

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