Making The Leap. Starting Your Own Business

April 17, 2023

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know my path roughly. I started freelancing and testing the waters in the late winter of 2021. Since then I have had lots of different projects under my belt. From web design projects, ux design consultations, website audits and even recently a consultation on the topic of freelancing platforms and how to use them optimally. It seems that my expertise list is never-ending.

Woman making a leap
Going for it. — Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash

After completing the Google UX Course and updating my portfolio (which reminds me to add more case studies), I am in the process of opening a business in Croatia. Since I have lived here for the past 6 years, learned the language, and made friendships and connections, I would love to have Zagreb as my home and business headquarters for now. The country also converted to euro, located in a very good location in central Europe and also Ryanair continues to expand its list of countries and cities.

The end goal is after opening my business and figuring out everything on the go (as with everything in life), to start travelling more. I would love to visit different European cities, attend business events and conferences, visit co-working spaces and network with digital nomads worldwide. If you fall into that category feel free to reach out! I also believe that amazing projects and collaborations are waiting for me not only behind the laptop but also on a coffee meeting or bike ride on the coast of a sunny country.

Starting small for me is important, so I can learn to swim. In this sense, I am quite interested in learning more about finances, investing and how to manage a successful business as a solopreneur. Anyone who has a similar journey, please reach out and feel free to share your experience! Because as I have mentioned so many times, we learn faster from each other when we share lessons.

If you too are thinking about starting your business I would advise you to start writing your business plan and put your idea on paper or digitally in any notetaking app. It helps a lot to figure out your Why, What, Who and How. This document will also help you figure out your branding to some extent and your ideal client’s profiles.

Surround yourself also with people who are on the same or similar journey. And support, motivate each other, and stay curious and informed together. If you can’t find an entrepreneur buddy, then don’t be afraid to ask questions online, reach out to people abroad or research local advisory offices that can help you find answers. An example of a helpful resource of information and advice in Croatia is Plavi ured (Blue Office).

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