Mastering Web Development: A Journey from 2013 and Beyond

June 5, 2023

Guilty! I am so bad at sharing old designs. And here is why…

Spending time online viewing and creating websites for a decade sounds like a joke, but it is more real (and a little depressing 😅) than ever. I count from 2013 since entering university, but to be honest, we might have touched on creating websites even in high school.

Moment of trying to explore and apply design practices I can recall when we had to design a poster in Microsoft Publisher for some event that I don’t even remember what was about anymore. What I remember was that my poster was chosen as one of the best and was put in the hallways as part of the exhibition. Note: it could be just my brain making up this vivid visualisation because it's hard to retrieve much information after all this time. And I won’t argue or defend the accuracy of this memory because it's been a long time. For more information on the topic, read Chapter 30 titled: The more uncertain people are, the more they defend their ideas of 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People.

Gradually dipping toes from front-end to no-code. - Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

Another set of memories popping up now is about all the drawing assignments we had through the years in primary school. And also the encouragement to participate by submitting some work in any subject to different types of contests. Ah, it was a fun time! Have you ever won a contest with your design/art? Let me know in the comments! 😊

How did I come up with this topic for a Monday story? Well, I opened the folder with old designs. I also uploaded a new Dribbble shot after maybe a year of being MIA on the platform. Then I started to recall all the previous designs I thought were amazing back then and don’t like them anymore. 😁Hence I avoid publishing old work.

But here you can see some of my very old work:

This was a university front-end project of building a full website from scratch or adjusting a template by us using CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

The coursework was the development of a website. The website needed to have an appropriate: design, structure and navigation. Website formatting was done through an external style file. Setting up the hosting was also part of the assignment. So boxy, am I right! 😅 Why Decathlon? Because I was a very happy employee of theirs during my student years and learned so much about the company, teamwork and leadership from my colleagues in the Decathlon store in Bulgaria, I decide to use it as inspiration for my course project.

This one was a passion project based on a real Parkour school in Zagreb that never saw a day of light. 😅Have to find where are the source files for the other pages

Based on the Parkour school in Zagreb, I decided to create a visual concept of what their website could look like if I put all the available information about the organisation and their processes. Funny enough I was also the one who created their Instagram and was their social media manager for two years. ✌🏽

Parkour — the activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing. — source Google

I have experimented with lots of cms platforms and Webnode was one of them as well.

If you didn’t know I am also good with my hands. I used to create dreamcatchers from scratch for friends and family as a hobby. Later I decide to sell them (the entrepreneur in me) and started to experiment and create different versions. Here you can check the website.

That's it for this Monday's story. See you at the next one, and stay curious! 😊✌🏽

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