Meet Aybuke Sultan Ozbek: Insights from a Lead Designer at Etrexio | Curious Business Talks

October 16, 2023

Everyone, I introduce you to guest number 1 in the series, the UX Lead of Etrexio — Aybuke.

Welcome to CBT. This is my podcast hosted on my YouTube channel, and this story is an outline of our first try to record the episode with Aybuke as a guest. Due to technical issues (Mercury retrograde and whatnot), my guest’s audio answers were not recorded. 😅 But we did a re-recording, and you can watch the full interview here:

Purpose: The thought behind Curious Business Talks is kind of self-explanatory. I personally want to network and learn more about and from people who are in the UX, design, and solopreneur circles, but also introduce them to now small audience (43 subscribers 🥳) of curious people. I decided to start this podcast and focus on UX, design, and solopreneurship because I want to reach a community of people who are also on a similar path and share similar values.

How is this podcast going to benefit the listeners? You, the listener will learn (with me) more about other professionals and their career paths, struggles, success stories and backgrounds.

Motto: Sharing is caring.

And here is a scattered saved piece of questions and answers from the first try. We start with an icebreaker question: Do you make your bed first thing in the morning? *Share your answer with me on Instagram😉*

A: Oh, I don’t immediately, but I know you do. Right?

N: Yes 😅

A: I wake up, go around my routine, have my coffee and then I make my bed.

N: Can you introduce yourself in an elevator pitch style?

A: I am Aybuke Sultan Ozbek, UX lead in Etexio. I was born in Amsterdam but moved recently to Turkey for work.

N: How do you like the transition from Amsterdam to Turkey?

A: I love it here. Although it is quite different from the Netherlands I love the liveliness of Istanbul and the working culture in my company.

N: How would you explain your career path to our listeners? Was it linear, straightforward or confusing?

A: My career path was relatively straightforward. I graduated in Communication and Multimedia design and the major was perfect for me.

N: How did you learn about UX in the first place?

A: *The audio was not audible* Seeing the impact of your work, being so different and interesting…

N: It's very interesting and funny how we, mostly women I talk to in UX all want that instant gratification,  the results, the diversity because we I think, most of us get bored easily (in a project sense), can’t do mundane tasks, and we need that diversity and different tasks, chaos. Sometimes we crave some chaos. And then later we create something much more structured and ordered. I also wanted to congratulate you on your 1st anniversary in your company.

N: It’s so awesome to have a supportive team around you and open, welcoming. In regards to the changing pace in UX, do you have some tricks or hacks, or even a database with resources about new UX trends? What is your go-to place to learn about what’s new happening in the field?

A: I stay updated via social media, courses and podcasts, LinkedIn and Instagram being my go-to places.

N: I am also curious, but not many people know how we know each other. So maybe we can tell the story of how we met? I can tell my side of the story and you can tell yours?

So one day, I was just browsing on LinkedIn and got a message from this lovely lady named Aybuke, if I wanted to participate in her study. I immediately said yes, since it was about a productivity app, I was very excited to share my feedback with her and answer her questions. It was an instant connection, and of course, we had some technical difficulties with the recording, but I managed to record it and sent it later to her. And everything worked perfectly in the end. And I am curious what happened with the app.

Watch the full interview here for more interesting answers from Aybuke.

Thank you for reading the first draft of our interview and the mini-manifesto of my podcast. If you want to be a guest on it, make sure you fill out this form here. 😉

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