My Experience With Revolut Hiring Process

December 19, 2022

Approached via LinkedIn for the position of Copywriter (Translator)

Imagine my amazement when I got a message via LinkedIn for a job position tightly related to my native language (Bulgarian, if you didn't know) and my experience as a Translator in a local agency here in Zagreb, Croatia as a freelancer. My interest was caught by the word copywriter because I have noticed how their tone of voice has changed over time and I wanted to see how can we improve it for the Bulgarian market as well.

Long story short, I passed three interview rounds with one home task in between. Throughout the process, I have had extremely timely help and smooth communication with their colleagues operating as coordinators during the recruitment process.

Female designer in a coffee place looking at her laptop.
Me acting like I am doing something on my laptop during a professional photoshoot in a local coffee place in Zagreb.

As you may know or not, I am a freelance Web developer and UX/UI designer, and from time to time, I get in my LinkedIn inbox job offers about different job positions. Sometimes they are about translation, other times for front-end positions, and in the beginning, even offers for customer service and similar. I tried to give each opportunity a chance and get more insight into it before deciding.

Why did I agree to have a screen call you might wonder in this case? Well, my main motivation was the fact that I become a fan of Revolut in the past year and wanted to see what they offer. As soon as I started to research them (as you do before the interview to refresh your memory), I got more impressed and excited.

The whole process or experience was quite pleasant. Every interaction with their employees was very professional and yet friendly. Email responses were very prompt, whenever I had a question, I got an answer or information at least on which stage or person can give me more details. Scheduling meetings was also quite well organised. After my first screen call, I got my home task within one hour.

During the whole hiring process, I was, of course, asked mainly about my Translation history and story if you will, what kind of experience I have and of course, how would I react in certain teamwork situations. All that was great and every time I got feedback that my answers were great. You might think, wait Nikoleta, aren't you fooling them by talking about your Translation experience when you are doing design as a freelancer? Well, no. I always try to be as transparent and honest in my work, interactions and writing as well. I did come forward in each interview with my high interest in the copywriting part of the job title and my user experience passion. Went as far as giving them small examples of how we can improve the Bulgarian copy of their product and online presence. Not sure if that confession of mine was just written somewhere as a side note or ignored completely, I do not know.

Copy in marketing refers to written information that aims to inform, persuade or entertain an audience. Businesses use copy to inform the public about their products and services, persuade the public to purchase their products and services or drive traffic to their website using entertaining copy. -

The morning of the third interview for a team fit, I knew that I was not the right fit. The reason being, somehow I got the feeling that Revolut was searching for a translator only, hence having a short-term goal. On the other hand, I was viewing the opportunity as a long-term opportunity with looking at the bigger picture and how can I help them improve the user experience for my fellow Bulgarians in the future.

Again I was asked similar questions related to the more technical side of translation as in the first two interviews. But I think the point where everything became certain was when a Bulgarian translator asked me to translate a tagline on the spot and my brain just went into the clouds. It's true, I don't have experience in translating for fin-tech applications, but at that particular moment, I didn't even have the idea to use a tool or ask if I can use a tool to translate more accurately the tagline in the tone of voice of Revolut. Not sure if the rules of the task were unclear or if I just improvised and didn't work out, do not know and probably never will.

Also probably is for the best in terms of not making a turn in my career and working on a position that wouldn't actually benefit from my full potential but just from a small part of it. I am honestly still open and eager to work with them if they need my help. Time will tell.

How was your experience with Revolut's hiring process? Do you have a different perspective on it? Let me know in the comments.

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