Pro Bono Web Design and Development With Wix Studio For Pineapple Women

May 27, 2024

In March I checked the newest community posts on Wix Studio I came across this one from Pineapple Women NGO asking for help with their website. And this is how it went…

The new Homepage for Pineapple Women.🍍

The passion project and designing for an NGO with a mission

At the time (end of March) I was available between client work and eagerly took on this project of redesigning the PAW 5-page website in Editor X. In the meantime, Wix announced that they are enabling the transition/update from Editor X websites to Wix Studio. 🥳 This is of course great news but also meant possible complications after the transition. But what made me reach out to Pineapple Women was their mission to help women, and more specifically Latinas, to reach new heights by helping them get the needed resources, support and mentorships.


What happened in the meantime since we had our first call with the founder was that two of my clients decided they were ready to launch their websites. Thankfully sequentially not simultaneously. 😅 This ultimately slowed down the redesign process and I did communicate the speed of my work concerning my other engagements beforehand. After all, client work is always a priority.

After redesigning the homepage, which I found the most challenging and the most important page to redesign, I then had to prepare for my first public speaking event as a business owner and freelancer. So if I have to sum up the biggest roadblock was the prioritisation of commitments and the time management behind those commitments.

Final results

We launched it! The Pinneaple Women’s website is live and messy. 🍍 But I am working on improving its layout and    responsiveness, while the founder and the vice president are adjusting the content, copy and translation from Spanish to English and vice versa. My favourite page to design was Donate now named Join Us.

Now the Before version of the homepage:

As you can see there was not much consistency or defined layout structure.

And After:

The homepage after implementing all the negotiated sitemap structure, logic, and strategy behind the new layout. 😎

The project is completed since I passed through the sitemap and all its elements and made sure that each section is created (not necessarily visible on the live website) and all pages are optimised for mobile since PAW's target audience is young women. With this, my contribution as a designer will be concluded for this pro bono project, but I am excited to see the progress and heights the PAW organisation will reach after materialising its vision, one step at a time. ☺️


Thank you for reading!

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