Starting A Podcast? Why Not?

January 30, 2023

Many entrepreneurs share that having a business gets quite lonely, and I completely agree.

What better way to connect to like-minded people then, than reaching out through your content for feedback and starting a conversation? I have been writing on Medium since November last year and I find it extremely helpful and therapeutic even when I hit the publish button and I see someone left a comment saying: I feel the same.

How can I get better at speaking if I do not practice it. Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Gives me that little but significant sense of belonging to a group of people that is out there and shares similar values, views and ways of thinking. Not necessarily on every topic but it is nice to see which dots are touching and connecting. The same goes for work and colleague collaborations, I thrive in my work when the efforts are reciprocated. It is just how I function right now. I will give my 100% to finish the task, but if I see and feel that you enjoy this process as much as I do, I will give my 150%.

So I have always wanted to talk, present or even host. I remember organising small playdates in our yard and setting up the scene of two neighbours' friends having a coffee and going about their day. I and my little brother (he had to play along so we can watch cartoons later) were probably very little, can't remember the exact age. So being a producer probably started from there haha. Creating imaginary scenes and places where we could talk nonsense and just have fun, forgetting about all the serious and grown-up stuff surrounding us. No judgment zone.

I do not know if the podcast will stick but I would love to at least try and see. I want just to experience it and see if I would actually like it or not. And no one can stop me from trying except myself and my perfectionism that shows up here and there.

Will take it as the same experience of having a playdate in my yard, safe and fun because nobody is watching. Or listening in this case.

And here it is my first and second test recordings of a read-out-loud of my first articles (and pronouncing my name correctly yes I am talking to you Medium). The second article is recorded and published too! Let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading! Subscribe for some more interesting articles. Have a great week! 😊✨

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