The Art of Reinvention: Lessons from Twitter's Recent Rebranding

August 14, 2023

But what are branding and rebranding? Let's start from here and see what we can learn from the recent rebranding of Twitter.

Branding: It is a process of creating a distinct and memorable identity for a product, service, company, or even an individual. Involves strategic use of various elements such as a name, logo, tagline, design, colours, and messaging to shape perceptions, emotions, and associations that people have with that entity. So naturally, the goal of branding is to distinguish a product or company from its competitors and to establish a unique and positive image in the minds of consumers.

Sharp and bold change of style.

A common misconception is that branding is just the logo and the colour scheme used by a brand. In reality, effective branding goes beyond just visual elements, it contains the entire customer experience, including the way products or services are delivered, customer interactions, and the overall reputation of the company. Brands often create an emotional connection with consumers, allowing them to feel a sense of loyalty and affinity towards the brand.

If I can explain branding with a metaphor I would say is like creating your own Barbie identity. Following the topic from last week’s article.

Rebranding: Rebranding is yet another process of making significant changes to an existing brand’s identity, positioning, messaging, or other key elements. This can include altering the brand’s name, logo, visual design, tagline, or even its core values and mission. Rebranding is typically undertaken to achieve specific goals, such as addressing negative perceptions, reaching a new target audience, adapting to changes in the market, or revitalizing a brand’s image.

Reasons for rebranding might be:

1. Market Changes: If a brand’s target market changes or if consumer preferences change, a rebranding effort might be undertaken to better align with these shifts.

2. Negative Associations: A brand may decide to rebrand if it has earned negative associations due to controversies, product issues, or changes in societal norms. If you can name a few in the comments. 😄

3. Mergers and Acquisitions: When companies merge or are acquired, a rebranding might be necessary to create a unified identity or to shed associations with the old entities. So maybe that’s why Twitter’s rebranding felt like coming out of nowhere. The rebranding and the timing were maybe a bit off.

4. Dated Image: Brands that seem outdated or irrelevant in the current market may choose to rebrand to appear more modern and in line with contemporary trends. That’s probably one of the main reasons to ditch the bird.

5. Expansion or Diversification: If a company expands its offerings or enters new markets, a rebranding can help convey this expansion and diversification to consumers. We are yet to see what are the plans from the X alongside the cuts for subscriptions, paid blue checkmarks and other already established changes.

6. Strategic Shift: A brand might rebrand to reflect a change in its strategic direction, such as focusing on sustainability, innovation, or customer experience.

7. Legal Reasons: Legal issues, such as trademark conflicts, might necessitate a rebranding to avoid potential legal battles. That one might be also one of the main reasons, resulting in the sudden change.

Rebranding is a complex and multifaceted process that involves careful planning, research, and execution. It often includes considering the impact on existing customers, communicating the changes effectively, and managing potential risks associated with altering a brand’s established identity. When done successfully, rebranding can breathe new life into a brand, help it stay relevant, and attract a fresh audience while retaining its existing customer base.

Personally, I don’t use Twitter or X, whichever you call it and don’t remember using it. Also, the Threads app is not yet available neither for my phone or region so obviously I don’t care. After the first two days of the release of the app and the hype, I also forgot about its existence. 😄

Many people are in a similar boat as me: wanting one app that they can keep up with, but to meet their basic needs. To connect with people that they like, share their ideas and crafts without any technological friction, and have a safe and real space to connect. Will that be X? We shall see.

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