User Experience Is More Than Needed Now Than Before

May 14, 2024

With the rise of AI-generated content and the creator economy, everyone has become specialists in the matters of days, and the design industry is no different.  

Only if you knew how much potential it has. — Photo by Ashin K Suresh on Unsplash

Throwing your wallet in the fire

Hear me out! 😂 You have an idea. You get to a problem when it comes to building it. You hire a developer and ask if they can build it for you. They overconfidently say they can. And eventually, they do. You are ready for launch. You ship your product and…crickets. The users you thought were your users do not know about your solutions, those who know, do not know how to use them, and those who manage are frustrated because it's missing essential features. What do you do? Do you start over? Do you stop burning your money with this entrepreneurial rollercoaster?

Full stack developer: Oh, yes, I have often but complex software solutions without talking to a single user and charged $10,000. — Me: 🤯

The AI-generated explosion

When it comes to copywriting and what kind of message you send to your clients your brand voice and content can tell a lot about your efforts behind your brand, product and business. Especially if your clients happen to be professionals who tinker with AI daily as well. In the same way, buyers can immediately spot and ignore advertisements same goes for the well-trained eyes of buyers who can now spot AI-generated copy containing the same 10–20 word phrases and word combos provided by AI.

embark, dive, journey, skyrocket, boost, elevate + explosion of emojis 🚀
The Hero section of the company that made the Eurovision website for voting.

Creator economy and social media presence

You would think that user experience is not important for you if you are social media creator, but you would be surprised. Here comes the generic Canva design that you keep using for promoting your new course or mobile app. Also if you want to grab your user's attention you need to come back to creating human-centred and generated content to stand out in the flooded content market.

Everyone needs problems solved, and vision visualised.

The lack of User Experience creates confusion

Have you seen the Eurovision Song Contest? No! Good, you saved yourself a very upsetting couple of hours anyway. 😅 But what I came across with the contest was very intriguing in terms of UX. Unfortunately due to my heightened excitement as a viewer, I didn’t screen-record or screenshot the design which I usually do. So I will try to include my interpretation of what I saw.

So on mobile, I opened Eurovision’s website for voting to try and vote for Greece, because as a resident of Croatia, I can’t support Croatia (although we all wanted to), those are the rules. And started looking through the list of countries with their thumbnails, names and message/text bubbles which when pressed opened your prefilled SMS input field with the country you want to vote for.

What shocked me was the fact that a very basic web design principle wasn’t used. The one of unity, or you can call it also grouping.

Unity. Elements grouped in a formation demonstrate their harmony and belonging.

The confusing part on mobile was the text icon and button being disconnected from the thumbnail of the competing country and being closer to the thumbnail image of the country below. During a time of excitement and short attention span users can easily vote for the wrong contestant instead of their favourite. I just wonder how much testing they did before the launch. 😅

Here is my impromptu visualisation of the issue. Comment below, the one on top or below. 😁

More reasons why User Experience should be put front and centre:

  • The rise of the creator economy has flooded the market with quickly built-solutions
  • AI-generated content adds to the saturation, making it harder for human-created content to capture attention
  • Users today expect solutions that not only look good but also solve their problems effectively
  • Stunning visuals are no longer enough — businesses must focus on overall user experience and underlying strategy
  • Poor UX can cause users to quickly abandon a product or service for better alternatives
  • Effective UX design is critical to differentiate, improve engagement, and drive better business results


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