What Do Kids and Website Users Have in Common? Discover the Surprising Similarities

July 17, 2023

Have you ever thought about your users as kids? If not, today is the day 😄

Impatient, clever, cheeky, and blunt. Those are a few of the adjectives that I can think of when comparing the two. Because when I was teaching kids English for a week in a Summer English Camp, I am trying (as always) to see similarities between them and the users. As well as seeing them as users that use numerous apps a day (Snapchat being the most common among them).  

Similarly, whenever any of the language tasks were not well explained, designed or not supported with visual explanation, they would raise a hand and ask multiple questions or say: I don’t understand this. And I was mentally prepared for this type of failure because I didn’t have any data or insights about my kids (users) before meeting them in class.

A kid raising a hand in class
And I would turn and see the forest of hands and also verbal signals for help through the first few lessons. Imagine if you can hear what your users say while they are using your digital product.😆- Photo by Taylor Flowe on Unsplash

So starting with research and preparing yourself and your business to meet your user's needs you are setting yourself up for success. And if you want to go the extra mile (that should be the primary mile) you need to include an Accessibility statement on your website and an even easier way to contact support on your mobile app.

Why provide an accessibility statement?
Accessibility statements are important for several reasons:
Show your users that you care about accessibility and about them
Provide them with information about the accessibility of your content
Demonstrate commitment to accessibility, and to social responsibility — source w3.org The World Wide Web Consortium

On this topic and based on the experience I had with the kids in the camp I decided to dedicate some time and research on a deeper level the topic of accessibility. The first stop for that was the Wix Learn course Accessibility 101: Build your accessible website. And I got the certificate as well as this cute badge:

Now I am Accessibily Specialist! 😊

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