When Will Medium Partner Program Will Be Updated?

February 6, 2023

What are the criteria for a country to be on that list? Is there something the writers can do to help the list with countries grow and promote writing and reading?

Signed up for the 100 followers challenge, but stayed for the challenge to write one article a week. Yes, it is true, that was the first temptation, getting to 100 followers, but then I got so caught up in writing I forgot to check about any additional criteria related to eventually getting paid haha. Also, I think by the next week I will be already having 100 followers. Edit: Here we are! Woohoo! ?

Female hands typing on a laptop
How much do you think a writer gets. Wonder what other criteria are after you get approved. - Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

So later after I published a few articles I even bought a membership because:

  1. It was a Christmas discount and who doesn't love a discount?
  2. I wanted to support the Medium writers that inspired me to write more.
  3. And of course, so I can read more content and don't be restricted by the paywall.

Later on, I was: Wait a minute, people are talking about some counties and lists of eligibilities. Like, what is going on, I thought. Then I read about it and I saw that first to get paid you need to have a Stripe account. Stripe should also be supported in your country, but also your country (I don't know which one, of origin or residence) should be on the list of countries part of the Medium's Partner Program. I guess is the country of residence because of the taxes?

I sent an email to Medium and haven't gotten any response yet. But would be lovely to see if there is consideration of updating the list of countries. Look at the transparency and visualisation of Stipe's list of countries below, how nice is that? That's an example of a good user experience! Especially showing which countries are also in preview to get accepted to the list.

Stripe�s list of supported countries eligible to use the service. The existing ones and the ones in review.

And here is the list of countries currently enrolled in Medium's partner program:

You probably can see the difference that this list is not easy to read let alone informative enough.

And when I decided to go through the application process of answering some questions through their Typeform I got to the end with the simple request to bear with them. And I will, I will bear and wait in patience to be informed that my country of residence is included. Or just move to Spain or any other warm country on the list.

Medium partner program message for non-partner countries
Will do it, Medium will do.

Another thing I am really curious about is how Medium is going to filter and go about original and AI-generated articles. Would love to see an update on the countries list as well, or at least some information on how the countries are being selected and if there is something we as proactive writers can help with. It's not like I will hustle for the claps and other metrics that bring revenue, but it will be nice if from my stories I can buy myself another year of subscription or a coffee every once in a while to keep the creative juices flowing. But that is just me. There are people out there who want to pursue a career in writing and create a community where they can share ideas and stories, but the main barrier for them to get profit from their work is something as country eligibility.

So here are a few ways how can you support writers like me who are not in the Partner Program of Medium:

  • Buy me a coffee - A free, fast, and beautiful way to receive one-time and monthly support from your fans. Services: Tips & Donations, Memberships, Shop.
  • Gumroad - Gumroad is a powerful, but simple, e-commerce platform. We make it easy to earn your first dollar online by selling digital products, memberships and more.
  • Other platforms like Patreon.
  • Following, subscribing to their content and newsletters!
  • Engaging with their content and providing genuine feedback.
  • Sharing their content and spreading the word about what they do.
  • Use their affiliate links if they have such.
  • Offer cross-platform collaborations if you are interested in their work.

That's it. Be that supportive stranger that everyone needs in times of doubt or slow growth. And who knows, that same energy might return to you in another positive form of thanks.

P.S. I am experimenting with podcasting as well and in general getting to know my voice and speaking skills. So if you are interested you can listen to my first read-out loud on Substack and subscribe for the upcoming ones.

Thank you for reading! Subscribe to my newsletter for some more interesting articles. Have a great week! 😊

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