You Don't Suck! Your Brand Consistency Does.

October 23, 2023

Discover the reasons behind inconsistent branding and learn the practical steps to transform your brand from amateur to pro. Your brand’s success is just one read away! P.S. Practical examples included 😉

Hi there! Hope you didn’t take my title too seriously. 😄 But in all honesty let me show you what I mean.

For example, I will not buy or listen to anyone who doesn’t take seriously their branding and representation. That’s it. I said what I said. For me, if you are inconsistent with your branding, let alone design, I am not listening to you or your offer. I can’t. I am a visual learner, and as soon as my brain sees the mess and inconsistency I click or tap the back arrow. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Here is some aloe for that burn 😅🧴

So what do you need to get started with the creating and implementing of your brand consistently? A Bible. Not the actual one, but a figurative Bible that contains your unified style guide and follows your established brand guidelines. Also, before all that you need to sit down with yourself and define your brand pillars —Purpose, Perception, Identity, Values and Brand Experience.

But let’s get to work and help you present your business in a better light.

  1. The style guide — the guide should include specifications for your brand’s logo, colour palette, typography, and tone. Here is an example of my style guide:
Example of a style guide for a personal brand AND, angelova nikoleta design.
Mine is super simple and not updated even. Because, yes, brands evolve and are allowed to change as you and your business do with time. Hopefully, for the better. 😊

2. Adapt to different device sizes — as you know having a responsive design is one of the major factors that will contribute to your brand user experience being on another, better level.

Consistency in branding is the key to building trust with your audience. It’s the language your brand speaks.

3. Keep all your visual elements consistent — we are creatures of habit and when we see repeating visuals multiple times we make associations with these visuals, that’s why sticking with one colour scheme and typography is a good idea.

  • An example of a brand doing precisely that is Coca-Cola has consistently used its signature red colour throughout its marketing materials for decades. This shows the power of colour consistency.
  • Similar visual consistency goes for a brand's website or marketing materials that use a consistent font throughout versus one that uses various fonts. The first exudes professionalism, while the second can appear chaotic and untrustworthy.
Coca-cola can as an example of a consistent brand.
You know the brand before you even see the logo - Photo by Ayesha Ch on Unsplash

4. It is not easy but tailor your content based on the platform you are putting it to — that’s why when you start your business you need to decide on which media you will appear on and how relevant they are for your audience and business.

  • For example, a brand may use casual language on Instagram but a more formal tone on LinkedIn is expected. However, in recent days, LinkedIn is getting more and more comfortable with leaning into the casual tone. The line is thin, and you decide to blur it or not.
  • Don’t forget to keep your messaging cohesive. Even if you think you sound repetitive, just remember Nike, which consistently conveys its messaging of empowerment and athleticism across various platforms, from commercials to social media campaigns, constantly.

By implementing these brand consistency methods, you can boost your business to new heights. 🔝If you’re looking for expert guidance in creating a seamless user experience or developing a no-code solution to support your brand’s digital presence, feel free to reach out. I’m here to help you achieve your design and development goals. 😊

If you need a guide, you can download my Brand Style Guide Template. For free.

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