🛍️You Want to Create an E-commerce Website. What Software Should You Use?

February 5, 2024

Where to put your money and energy? — Photo by rupixen.com on Unsplash

Align your priorities: Your goals and budget

What is most important for you when you start your online business? Is it flexible to change your webshop design? Is it the security? Checkout process? How much are you willing to invest? What is your budget for this project? Have you considered breaking the project into milestones? Next to your budget, the most important priority should be defining your business goals. Some clients have the budgets figured out but struggle with clearly defining the business goals. Or it happens that they think the business objectives are different from what they communicate during discovery calls. So collaboration with a web designer who is also an experienced consultant can help you design a website but also improve your business strategy.

Your skills and time as a business owner

Here is the thing, starting any kind of business requires your undivided attention. But if you are juggling way too many responsibilities, delegating and hiring help (when done right) always pays off. Why? Because you will buy yourself some time to think and plan around expanding and improving your e-commerce business rather than designing, negotiating with suppliers, coding and doing the marketing. In case you have to start on your own, the best advice I can give is to invest in software and solutions that match your skills, that are user-friendly and minimise your stress. Because stress consumes your time and energy. And those two are your most expensive assets as a business owner. So along these lines, I will suggest you check out Wix Studio.

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. — Jim Rohn

Your features and integrations

Here you need to think about short and long-term goals. List out all of the ideas you have in terms of your e-commerce website and categorise them into must-have, nice to have, delightful. Those features would also have to be focused on supporting easy navigation because lost users are frustrated users and happen to be those who don't buy. Functional, those features are reliable and perform seamlessly the core functionalities of your e-commerce website. And lastly, those features that are valuable to users. Not any users but, your users!

Here’s what else to consider

Keep learning and improving your business. E-commerce is growing and so does the demand for better user experience and customer experience. Higher professionals to help you craft those to keep your loyal customers and attract new ones. As in all businesses, your reputation is of big importance so polishing and improving your internal and external processes is a must. Be open to feedback, ask for help and listen and observe what your users say and do. Hint, use Hotjar and Google Analytics to gain more insights.

Here is a video about choosing between two popular website builders:

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