User experience (UX) design
Project Overview, e-commerce marketplace, Croatia is the biggest marketplace in Croatia continually striving to stay competitive and improve. In 2023, we collaborated with one of the founders of Bazzar to create a hybrid version of their homepage layout. This involved extensive desk research, heuristic analysis, and competitor analysis to address both their business and user needs.
Problem Statement
When is it time to improve and update your website's user experience? Probably, yesterday. pursued this collaboration to enhance the overall user experience on their website, improve internal systems, and optimize their mobile app. High priorities included mobile optimization, homepage clarity, and accessibility, alongside improving SEO performance and loading times. This case study explores the challenges and growth opportunities during such projects.
The Goal
The goal was to explore new homepage layout ideas and find a solution which would enhance user experience, information architecture, SEO, and marketing aims. The objective was to present e-commerce campaigns more intuitively while reflecting on a positive redesign of the website.
Mockup of ecommerce homepage in desktop and mobile view.
The current version of the homepage, unchanged since 2023.
Users & Audience
Roles & Responsibilities
Scope & Constraints
Process's audience spans across Croatia with emerging markets in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. They target consumers and casual shoppers, as well as businesses and companies with recurring purchase needs.

As a freelance UX designer, I led the UX redesign of Bazzar’s homepage from start to finish. This involved collaborating with one of the business owners and occasionally their lead designer. My responsibilities included conducting a competitive audit, heuristic evaluation, and proactively coordinating meetings and communications to ensure project progress.

A significant constraint was the parallel execution of services from Bazzar’s side. At times, design work was paused due to an SEO audit, the results of which were never shared. While the scope remained unchanged, we explored another collaboration option which didn't proceed due to another priority shift.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process, especially digging into e-commerce psychology and researching industry standards. To ensure users can easily navigate and find products on, I conducted a thorough analysis and developed a proposed taxonomy. This was organised to create a clear, logical structure for organizing content, which is crucial for improving user experience and SEO performance.

Key activities included:
Competitive Audit: Learning from Bazzar’s main competitors and analyzing their branding.
Heuristic Evaluation: Conducting a detailed evaluation using NN Group’s template.
Ideation: Creating 8 different sketches for the potential homepage layout, followed by feedback sessions and developing mid-fidelity wireframes.
Information Architecture: Editing the menu and header’s information architecture and brainstorming taxonomy to improve content organization.
Wix website icon demo menu with handrawn illustrations for buttons
Many ecommerce companies in the Balkan area make similar mistakes because their competitors are doing it.
Cringe Social icon menu mock up of the desktop and mobile version of the website
As part of my approach and methodology during the exploration and ideation phase, I created a breakdown of the present taxonomy to find a better way for users to navigate and organize the content. We never got to discuss the new taxonomy or execute the card-sorting exercise.
Outcomes & Results
The collaboration concluded after the winter holidays due to delayed communication and extended deadlines. Unfortunately, none of the design work was implemented, which is a common circumstance in UX projects. Despite this, the project provided valuable insights and experiences.

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