Cringe Social

Web development
Project Overview
Cringe Social, Social media agency, USA
Cringe Social is a newly started business that helps you curate authentic content personalized to your business goals and for your community.

This project caught my attention with the request for an unconventional Homepage icon menu. Given the inspiration website and initial guidelines, I immediately started brainstorming a way that would achieve a similar effect.
Problem Statement
Concerning brand awareness and presence, a website is usually one of the first places users go to check their potential service providers or partners. On a website, you get the summary and introduction of a business and decide if this is someone you can trust.
The Goal
The goal of our collaboration was to create a starter version of Cringe Social’s portfolio and present the creativity and vibe of their business.
Website icon menu of an American bar
My client's inspiration behind the website menu for the Homepage layout.
Users & Audience
Roles & Responsibilities
Scope & Constraints
The users of Cringe Social are small and medium size businesses looking for real people to join and engage with their community and content.

As a single freelance designer, I was in charge of translating the unique idea of my client into a strategic and functional website. Our collaboration was smooth and easy since the idea for the homepage design was clear, and icons were created beforehand by another freelance graphic designer.

Time zone was probably (and luckily) the only constraint during the execution of this project. Another limitation, I think, is that I didn’t have more copywriting material or information about the business to utilise through the design. But on the other hand, I would qualify it as part of the requirement of being a minimalistic, evident, concise design focused on accessibility.

When I got the initial question of whether the mentioned icon menu interaction is possible using Wix, I got excited and inspired. Therefore I immediately opened the platform and started testing a way to assemble such a minimalistic and fun menu. I opened Wix content manager and began searching for different icons and available illustrations when it struck me that I had recently bought an iPad and could try it myself. The feel of creating something from scratch is fantastic, and that’s why it was such a pleasure to get my pencil and start experimenting. Using the reference website as a direction, I started creating simple icons corresponding to the names of the website pages. Then I sent the demo to my client with an explanation of the iconography and the versions during the hover effect - either a change of detail, a modification of background, or an outline colour. After refining the details of the desired layout, the designing and SEO optimisation started.
Heart made with red 0 and 1 representing dating apps
Prototype of what the menu would look like on
Male hands holding a mobile phone and browsing
Final mockups of the completed  website.
Outcomes & Results
Soon after the delivery, the summer travelling got a bit in between our communication and caused a slight delay in the feedback. Nonetheless, my client and I were pleased with the results and the project was left in the next phase - content update and service packaging. We have achieved a cohesive website design of what my client had in mind and what I can provide her with as my help. One of the lessons learned during this project is that sometimes the work can be really and only intriguing and easy-going without pressure or stress. This kind of cooperation I am looking forward to having.

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